Chef Community Slack Meetings

This RFC declares what community meetings we hold and how we hold them.

List of Meetings

Chef Developers' Meeting

Upcoming agendas, past agendas, transcripts, and minutes can be found in the Chef Community Meetings repository on GitHub.


Every Thursday, at 9am Pacific. 50 minutes. Each meeting's agenda will include the date and time and be announced in advance on the chef-dev mailing list.


The #developer-meetings channel of - sign-up at


Standing Agenda



Each meeting must have the following roles assigned:

  1. Moderator: this person decides who has the floor, and is in charge of moving the agenda along.
  2. Secretary: this person is responsible for condensing the content of the meeting into meeting notes, and sharing them with the chef-dev list within 24 hours of the meetings conclusion.
  3. Speakers: the agenda may have multiple speakers assigned to a topic.

If the standing Moderator or Secretary is unavailable to attend, they will delegate their role to another community member.


Standing Agenda

Each meeting should have a standing agenda, which the meeting will default to unless otherwise stated in advance.


Meetings should be run to a schedule. Agendas should have draft time slots, and the boundaries should be held.

Agendas are shared prior to the meeting

Agendas will be sent out 24 hours prior to the meeting, via email to the chef-dev mailing list. If no agenda is sent out in advance, the standing agenda is the meetings agenda.

Running a meeting


  1. The meeting begins by the moderator declaring the meeting open.
  2. The moderator will link to this RFC for new-comers to review what it means to be in a meeting.
  3. The moderator will review the agenda, and give the floor to the first speaker.


As an agenda item nears its time limit, the moderator will give a 2 minute warning, then close the topic.

Questions and answers

It is up to the moderator and speakers to manage the back-and-forth flow of questions and answers, depending on the nature of the topic on the agenda, and the comfort of the speaker. If the speaker requests participants hold questions to the end, please be respectful.

Meeting Conduct

Please be aware of the Community Guidelines.

We will follow the same code of conduct as ChefConf and the Community summit.

Moderator can de-voice or ban

The moderator has the right to de-voice, or in extreme circumstances ban completely, participants who either fail to conduct themselves appropriately, or are detrimental to the meeting.

The moderator will give one warning in advance of taking action.