Named Network Support in knife-openstack

Proposal for generically supporting networks not named public or private with knife-openstack.

For the existing knife plugins there has been a general assumption that virtual machines provisioned have a public and/or a private IP address. With OpenStack's capability of having essentially unlimited named networks this assumption falls short. There have been several proposed fixes, but a generalized solution that is adaptable for each use case is needed.

This was previously discussed internally at Chef at

knife openstack server create

knife openstack server create will provide support for bootstrapping nodes on networks other than public and private IP addresses.


knife openstack server create currently supports --private-network to use the private IP for bootstrapping rather than the public IP.

There are also a number of networking-related tickets open with patches that may be relevant:


knife openstack server delete

knife openstack server delete will display the proper network information for the node.


knife openstack server delete currently lists the public and private networks associated with the node marked for deletion.


knife openstack server delete: list all networks and IPs networks associated with the node.

Example output

$ knife openstack server delete 5fe19d0d-431a-415e-84f2-4281a5460460
Instance Name: os-3703903309844765
Instance ID: 5fe19d0d-431a-415e-84f2-4281a5460460
Flavor: 1
Image: c6ec4c81-e116-4d78-9b78-6c9bb9b91377
Bar IP Address:
Foo IP Address:
Public IP Address:

Do you really want to delete this server? (Y/N)

Future work

This RFC is focused on associating with known named networks and these changes will be included in future releases after the knife-cloud refactoring. The knife-cloud refactoring will make these options available to additional knife plugins.

knife openstack server list

knife openstack server list will provide support for listing nodes' networks other than public and private.


'Public IP' and 'Private IP' are hard-coded in the output.

Instance ID                           Name                 Public IP      Private IP  Flavor  Image                                 Keypair  State
5fe19d0d-431a-415e-84f2-4281a5460460  os-3703903309844765              1       c6ec4c81-e116-4d78-9b78-6c9bb9b91377  testing  active


The various permutations of "knife CLOUD server list" all have 'Public IP' and 'Private IP' as column headers (in various capitalizations and spacings). Standardizing this under knife-cloud and making an additional argument of --network [NAMES_OR_IDS] that defaulted to public,private would allow for overriding to show different networks without requiring the display of every potential network. An additional option of --network-filter [NAMES_OR_IDS] could be used to only show the nodes on those networks. Because this information may be easier to pull from the Chef node than from Fog (depending on the particular cloud provider), knife-cloud should also provide the associated node's name as a column, a frequently mentioned feature request.

This will be part of a future knife-cloud-based release.

knife openstack network list

knife openstack network list will list all of the networks available for attaching new nodes to.


Not currently available. There is a ticket open with patches that may be relevant:


Outputs a list of available networks to the currently configured OpenStack account. knife rackspace network list currently lists the networks available for Rackspace users, the knife CLOUD network list will behave similarly.

This will be part of a future knife-cloud-based release.