Enhanced Ohai Network Support

The Ohai cloud plugin pushes information into private_ips and public_ips, but if networks have an alternate name they are overlooked. In EC2, HP and Rackspace for example, local_ipv4 is mapped to cloud.private_ipv4, which is likely to be incorrect in some cases. Additional network data may be available from the metadata server (ec2, hp, openstack) but this should be confirmed and normalized within cloud.

This was previously discussed internally at Chef at http://wiki.corp.opscode.com/display/CORP/RFC+Generalized+Network+Configuration+Specification+for+Knife+Cloud+Plugins


The Ohai cloud plugin is populated by cloud-specific code, but it generally pushes local attributes into private and anything else gets pushed into a list of additional private_ips (ie. node['openstack']['local_ipv4'] becomes ['cloud']['local_ipv4'] and ['cloud']'['private_ips'][0]). The mapping of values from the API into the existing cloud attribute namespaces should be checked for validity.


Since public and private may not even be applicable (but are almost definitely expected by many current users, so may require longterm deprecation), the proposal is made to add an additional networks attribute with all of the node's networks embedded within. This allows new attributes without removing existing attributes and minimizes namespace collisions.


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