Resource Actions

In this proposal, we allow actions to be specified as recipes, directly in resources.


As a Chef user,
I want to be able to write actions in resources,
so that I don't have to learn and reason about `Provider`s (less friction).

As a Chef user,
I want to be able to write actions in resources,
so that I don't have to switch contexts to understand what resources do.

As a Chef user,
I want actions to be specified as recipes by default,
so that I can use concepts I already know to create good test-and-set resources.


To create an action on a resource, users specify action <action> do ... end. The recipe in between the do ... end block will be run when the action is performed.

class MyResource < Chef::Resource::LWRPBase
  attribute :path, name_attribute: true
  attribute :content
  attribute :mode

  action :create do
    ruby_block "Update content of #{path}" do
      only_if { content != }
      block { IO.write(path, content) }

    execute "Update mode of #{path}" do
      not_if { File.stat(path).mode == mode }
      command "chmod #{mode} #{path}"

There is no change to providers or the way we run actions. This is just a way of defining a provider without having to type or think about the word. Providers do not go away, so much as become a secondary concept, a sort of house for the primary concept of actions.

action will work for any resource extending from Chef::Resource.

Action details

Action recipe execution

The action recipe works like a Chef run, in that it is an isolated resource collection and runs actions and notifications the same way as a top level Chef run.

This is equivalent to what use_inline_resources in an LWRP does, and we will keep them orthogonal as much as possible.

Action composition and inheritance

If the parent class's action is defined using action, you may call super() to call the parent class's version of the current action.

class MyFile < Chef::Resource::File
  action :create do
    puts "I am a file yo"

Changes to existing things


We add the following public API to Resource:

And modify the following:

Being defined by the action keyword, this is backwards compatible: neither of these definitions change anything about resources that have providers.


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