Cookbook Quality Metrics

The question of what makes a good cookbook has been asked since the dawn of Chef. As a community we've struggled with answering this in part because each recipe is unique to the specific requirements it is trying to meet. Allowing Supermarket users to rate cookbooks is one thing that we've tried in the past. This did not work because you simply do not have enough knowledge about the quality of a cookbook when you discover and download it from the Supermarket. Similarly, download counts cannot be trusted because of the way some older versions of the berkshelf-api server work.

The Supermarket should make it easy for anyone to find quality cookbooks. In order to do so, we must agree on some qualities that indicate whether or not a cookbook is considered to have high quality. Ideally, these qualities are objective and able to be determined automatically. These qualities should be defined and agreed on by the community.


As a cookbook author,
I want to write cookbooks that can be shared with and easily used by the community
so that it is easier to get going with Chef.

As a Supermarket user,
I want to identify the relative quality of a given cookbook,
so that I can spend less time looking for a good cookbook and more time automating.


A Cookbook Quality Metrics system will be implemented to provide indicators of certain qualities for each cookbook. These indicators will be visible on the Supermarket.

We will collaborate on quality metrics in the Cookbook Quality Metrics repository.

The lifecycle of a metric will be:

Viewing Cookbook Metrics

The Supermarket may show some sort of aggregate score for each cookbook.

Each cookbook listed on the Supermarket will have a tab or other view showing how it adheres to each quality metric.


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