Chef code should have a consistent style

There is a high cognitive load involved in switching between projects that have different or inconsistent code styles that impacts developer productivity and happiness. Chef should produce a consistent code style for its open source ruby code and apply it.


As a developer,
I want to be productive quickly in all Chef's projects,
so that I can concentrate on writing code.

Specification provides a rubocop configuration that is intended to be applied to chef/chef and related projects, such as chef/ohai, and chef/mixlib-*. The community should arrive, via pull requests to chefstyle, at a set of style checks that can be enforced (via travis, etc) on chef community maintained ruby projects.

Chefstyle, by default, disables all rubocop cops, providing a clean sheet for us to build upon. PRs to enable rules should be accompanied with a PR to chef/chef demonstrating the feasibility of enabling the rule and to allow discussion of actual changes.

This style checker is not intended for use with cookbooks, which have different requirements.


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