Cookbook Adoption On Supermarket


When a Cookbook is Up For Adoption

    As a supermarket user,
    When I find a cookbook,
    And the cookbook is up for adoption,
    And the cookbook has been up for adoption for at least 6 months,
    Then the Supermarket team should be notified,
    And ownership of the cookbook should transferred to sous-chefs

When a Cookbook is NOT Up for Adoption

    As a supermarket user,
    When I believe a cookbook should be transferred away from the current owner,
    Only in extreme cases (i.e. death of the current owner),
    I should open an [RFC](
    And request that the cookbook ownership be transferred


When a Cookbook is Up For Adoption

When a cookbook owner puts the cookbook up for adoption, that means they no longer wish to be the owner and maintainer of the cookbook. At anytime a user can click on the "Adopt Me!" button on the cookbook's page on Supermarket and the current owner of the cookbook will be notified. The owner can then transfer ownership to the user who wants it.

However, sometimes cookbooks remain up for adoption for 6+ months. In this case, the cookbook ownership will be transferred the sous-chefs. This will be done manually at first but may be automated in the future.

The sous-chefs will then take over responsibility for the cookbook. At their discretion, they can transfer ownership to someone else on Supermarket at any time.

When a Cookbook is NOT Up For Adoption

It is not the normal policy of Chef to transfer ownership of a cookbook to anyone else, that is left to the cookbook's current owner. See above for guidelines on when a cookbook has been placed up for adoption.

We do recognize, however, that extreme circumstances do happen (i.e. death of the cookbook's current owner). In this case a community member who wishes to take ownership of the cookbook (or see ownership transferred to someone else with their consent) is welcome to file an RFC.

The RFCs will be decided on by the Chef Community on a case by case basis.


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