Change Ohai version numbers to match Chef

In general, Ohai and Chef are released together, and their functionality is interdependent. It would be much simpler to reason about how functionality added to either would affect the other if their version numbers were aligned.


As a developer,
I want to use the correct version of Ohai,
so that releases of Chef and Ohai work properly.


Ohai will be renumbered to 12.x.y, where x and y are the current development minor and patch versions of Chef. Chef would then have a equality version pin to Ohai of "= 12.x.y", and Ohai would have a similar equality pin to ChefConfig.

The version bot currently used to automatically change version numbers for Chef would also be used to update Ohai's version number when Chef is bumped.

The change from 8 to 12 would not be considered a major version bump for API impact considerations, so no deprecated functionality would be removed.

Downstream Impact

Any library which version pins to Ohai < 9.0 would need to be updated to be < 13.0.


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