Audit Segment

Support audit and compliance checks in a technology agnostic way.


As a cookbook author,
I want to ship custom controls,
so that I can ensure my nodes are compliant.

As a cookbook author,
I want to use the most suitable compliance library,
so that I can write controls effectively.

As an operator,
I want to ensure that my converge happens separately from my audit,
so that I have full control over my runs.


As per RFC-35, audits will be run in the audit phase, which occurs after the converge phase completes.

An audit handler will be introduced to allow cookbooks to register for the audit phase.

The current, Serverspec based audit mode will be migrated to a cookbook and removed from the chef-client.

A cookbook may depend on other gems in the usual manner to provide functionality to audit tests.

Tools will be updated to upload the tests directory to both supermarket and chef server. Audits can then be used both at development time with test kitchen and similar tools, and with audit mode.


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