Transfer mongodb cookbook on Supermarket to Sous Chefs org


As a user of the mongodb cookbook,
I want to have the cookbook maintained and released to Supermarket,
so that I can get cookbook updates for non-EOS versions of MongoDB.

As a user of the mongodb cookbook,
I want to have the cookbook up to date on Supermarket,
so that I can install a version of MongoDB that is getting security updates.

As a Sous Chef member,
I want to be able to release to Supermarket,
so that the community at large can consume the maintained fork.


Currently the mongodb cookbook on Supermarket was last released on November 11, 2014. The last commit on the GitHub repository was the day prior, November 10, 2014. At the time of the writing of this draft, the repository has 70 open issues and 35 open PRs. The last comment on any issue or PR by any maintainer was by jamesonjlee on December 9, 2014.

The Sous Chefs have been maintaining a fork of the mongodb cookbook. The fork's master branch is currently 90 commits ahead of the source repository for the cookbook. The Sous Chefs have been active on the issues on the original repository and have worked to fix them in the maintained fork.

Grant Ridder, on behalf of the Sous Chefs, has attempted on several occasions during November and December of 2016 to contact Markus Korn, the current owner on Supermarket, as well as Jameson Lee, a contributor on Supermarket and last committer on GitHub. Both individuals were each contacted with 2 different methods without response. At the time of the writing of this draft, the last evidence of activity for either user, in the context of the mongodb cookbook, is more than 2 years ago.

The Sous Chefs would therefor request that the MongoDB cookbook on Supermarket be marked deprecated in favor of sc-mongodb on Supermarket under provisions layed out in the When a Cookbook is NOT Up For Adoption section of RFC069.

Deprecation Process for this RFC

  1. @nathenharvey will reach out to @thekorn weekly asking for a decision on the ownership of the cookbook.
  2. The Sous Chefs will publish their MongoDB cookbook to the Supermarket.
  3. On, or after, March 15, 2017 (3 months after this RFC was submitted), a Supermarket Administrator will mark the current MongoDB cookbook as deprecated and offer the Sous Chefs' cookbook as a suitable replacement.
  4. A message will be posted to the mailing list notifying of this change and our reasoning behind it.

Note: As the current owner of the cookbook, @thekorn can accelerate or stop this timeline at any time.

Downstream Impact

Since the Sous Chef's fork is compatible with the existing cookbook on Supermarket, no downstream impact is expected.


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